About Us.
A Journey Built through Excellence
Courier Solutions that Enable Possibilities.

Affordable. Scalable. Agile.

M&P is not just a logistics company. It is a family of 3500+ professionals that take pride in their work. We believe that dreams deserve to be accomplished. And we have crafted a secure, agile, and customizable logistics network to help you achieve your goals.

Muller & Phipps Creating New Realities in Pakistan.

M&P has one goal – to ensure access to safe, trustable, and innovative logistics solutions for the people of Pakistan. Our journey is one of hope, ambitions, and success. Incorporated in 1986, M&P has grown to become the most trusted courier service in Pakistan supporting an expansive network of 1600+ domestic and 200+ international delivery destinations.

We have created an infrastructure across the country that brings affordable courier solutions to millions of Pakistanis and across the globe delivering 20+ Million shipments annually.

We believe that building a more connected world means better opportunities for everyone. That is why we have invested our efforts towards building sustainable supply chain solutions that reflect the diverse needs and requirements of the global community.

From cool-chain storage, warehousing, and inventory management for corporate clients, to small-scale delivery solutions for everyday life – M&P helps individuals surpass barriers and boundaries and achieve their goals with ease and confidence.

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