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Supporting Our Youth’s Passion for Sports!

Dec 27, 2021

Sports help to groom our youth as it guides them to develop skills that have direct workplace crossover. It teaches teamwork, communication, strategic development and self discipline – how to deal with failure and maintain the spirit of sportsmanship.

Values such as these are closely aligned with M&P’s strategic vision. Hence, with a keen interest in supporting young footballers in the country, M&P sponsored The National Soccer FC Team to participate in different tournaments.

M&P’s National Soccer FC since then has appeared in two football tournaments. The first one was Shaheed Jilani Khan Achakzai International Football Tournament held at Chaman. The young players beat Afghanistan’s Spin Boldak and the Islamabad Riders team after very close competition to enter the Quarter Finals.

During the All-Pakistan Asghar Khan Utmankhail Football Tournament held at Loralai, our team played against great teams like Pishin, host team Loralai and Team Quetta. Our young champs were able to beat all three teams and made it to the semi-finals of the tournament. These young players aim to play for the national team one day, and M&P is proud to support these talented footballers

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