Temperature Controlled.
Customized Temperature.

Our Cool Chain transportation trucks can maintain a temperature of 15°C to 30°C and is ideal to transport perishable goods such as agricultural product/ produce, sea food, frozen food, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs for our corporate and B2B clients. We do not only guarantee product safety and product quality but also ensure immense geographical reach, end-to-end delivery system, live satellite tracking, domestic regulatory compliance, cost effectiveness, real-time temperature monitoring and trust & reliability.

Other factors that make this an ideal solution:

  • Temperature examination for real-time temperature monitoring installed inside the container.
  • Refrigeration system which is powered by dual power source facility i.e. engine driven and 3 phase electricity power source.
  • Night vision cameras installed 3 sides of vehicle for continuous live video transmission and recording throughout the journey (subject to availability of 3G Network).
  • Security locking system which is controlled by line haul management.
  • Two-way communication system inside cabin for 24/7 uninterrupted bonding with Line Haul Management
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