Value Added Service.

Cellophane Wrapping

Protect your shipments from bumps, scratches, and damage by using our cellophane wrap service that surrounds your items with a cushion of air for maximum safety.

Brown Box Facility

Securely ship your items in sturdy cardboard boxes that offer increased capacity and added protection and durability.

Special Handling

Ensure special precautions for fragile and expensive items or sensitive documents by choosing our special handling services for added convenience and protection.

Holiday Delivery

Don’t let holidays and weekends keep you waiting – choose our holiday delivery service to ensure swift delivery of your shipments without delay!

Out Of Service Area

Arrange special delivery to remote locations and out-of-service areas across Pakistan with M&P.


Hassle-free attestation of formal documents from anywhere in Pakistan within one week!


Secure your important shipments through additional insurance of up to PKR 300,000 against unforeseen circumstances or risk of loss.

MFS (Mobile Financial services)

Enjoy the convenience of online payments and financial services through popular mobile wallets and apps.

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